Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Pinay DH Worker Na Nanutok Raw Ng Kutsilyo Sa Mga Anak Ng Amo, Pinakulong

A Pinay domestic worker was sent to prison by her employer.

According to the concerned family member, MaryJane Magadan Golosino,

her sister who works as a Pinay DH in Kuwait was sent to prison by her employer and that it is already two months past since it happened. Added that she only posted about her sister’s situation now because even she had no idea about the imprisonment of her sister. She only knew of her sister’s situation recently. 

Mary Jane said that based on what she hears, her sister was sent to prison because she allegedly threatens her employer’s children with a knife which Mary Jane refused to believe. 

She said that her sister won’t do that and it’s already the second time for her sister to work with the same employer so she highly doubts that her sister commits that. 

“Imposible pong magawa nya yun,” said Mary Jane. 

Added that the employer promised them to let her sister Eva go when there’s already an available flight back to the Philippines but Mary is doubtful of the employer’s true intention. 

“Sabi daw ng amo nya okay radaw si ate eva pauwiin daw sya kapag may flight,pero ako hindi ako maniwala sa amo nya baka nagsisinungaling lang yan,gipakolong na nga nya.” 

Also, a family friend agrees with Mary Jane and said that maybe the employer has a salary debt to Eva and decided to make stories and make Eva look bad so that they won’t pay her anymore, especially that Eva’s work contract is about to end. 

“Basin storya rana mate kay pauli na sya unya naa pay sweldo niya na wala mahatag maro baya na uban amo buhatan sala bisan wala nag buhat,” commented the family’s friend.

In which Mary Jane verifies. Said that it’s true that the employer has a debt to Eva worth 9 months of salary. 

“Dako nana kayo kwarta si eva sa iya amo naa pa syay savings daan plus 9 months na walay sweldo,” Mary Jane answered. 

Eva has not yet been released from prison. 

Ito post ko hndi ko muna I delete kc my ngsabi skin after lockdown daw maowiin c eva,wala sya now sa Kuwait nasa Lebanon…

Posted by MaryJane Magadan Golosino on Sunday, May 24, 2020

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