Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Pinay DH Na Nahuling Nangdukot Pinagkaguluhan Sa World Wide Central HK

Amidst the coronavirus COVID19 scare, a Pinay domestic worker was surrounded by a large crowd of people with the intention of not letting the culprit escape. 

In the uploaded video, a mob of overseas Filipino workers gathers around the suspected Pinay DH thief. Basing on the caption, the suspected Pinay DH was seen stealing from fellow OFW. 

There is no news if who the Pinay DH is, but she’s wearing a black cap, black t-shirt, eyeglass, and a mask. She’s also carrying a black backpack. In the video, the suspected OFW tries to open her bag to show something and tries to get away from the crowd but the angry fellow OFWs won’t let her.  

“Wag nyong pakawalan! Wag nyong pakawalan!”

“Na ano rin ako dito eh..naduga ng mandurokot, wag nyong pakawalan!” shouts the gathered angry OFWs. 

The incident took place at World Wide Central Plaza in Hong Kong. 

World-Wide House is an office building in CentralHong Kong. It is located between Connaught Road CentralPedder Street and Des Voeux Road CentralWorld-Wide Plaza is the shopping centre on 3 levels on the lower floors of Worldwide House (Wikipedia).

The Worldwide Central Plaza is a popular place for almost all domestic workers in Hongkong especially, Filipinos. This is where most domestic workers gather during their day-off. The arcade section is especially popular with Filipinos as many shops are managed by their kababayans that are selling different merchandise from the Philippines. 

Meanwhile, many netizens reminded the gathered OFW to still be careful as their still the threat of COVID19 and that should still be social distancing. 

Protect yourself from Covid-19

Naku ..hope everyone is safe and help each other…God bless 

Naku..nawala na ang social distancing. 

Please protect yourself, don’t forget social distancing. 

Source: YouTube

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