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Pinay DH Ends Up Having More Debt After Helping Fellow DH Friend

A Pinay domestic worker in Hong Kong ends up having more debt after helping a supposedly struggling fellow domestic worker friend.

Filipinos are known not only for being hospitable, but also for being kind-hearted. And this kindheartedness not only stops to family members only but extends to friends as well, even for strangers. There are those Filipinos who treat their friends like family, empathize with them, and willing to give as much help as they can.


However, some only see this as a chance to scam money.

A domestic worker in Hongkong is now facing lots of debt after helping a fellow domestic worker. According to the victim, Rosalina Canque Cain, her problem started after she took pity to a certain Maria Guimao-Bowes. Rosalina said that Maria asks her help, saying that she needs money because her mother was in the hospitable. A reason that Rosalina took pity for and immediately give help to Maria.


Given that she has no cash on hand, she let Maria urged her to pawn pieces of jewelry she owned. The jewelries amounted to HK$8,658 (Php58,000). Rosalina also took a loan amounting to HK$10,000 (Php67,100) to help Maria pay for hospital bills. Maria promised to pay her the following month, however, it did not happen.

Much of her trouble, she only heard the news that Maria was terminated from her work and already in the Philippines. Even now that Rosalina heard of Maria having a Canadian boyfriend, Maria still did not bother paying Rosalina nor even remembers her good deeds.


Now, Rosalina is facing the consequences of helping a fellow domestic worker. All of her hard-earned money that was intended for her children’s graduation was gone into thin air. She also has to break her promise to her children of going home to their graduation because she no more money left. What’s worse is she’s now shouldering the loan payment alone.

What Rosalina wants is for Maria not to be allowed to leave the Philippine country and for her to be able to file an estafa case against her.

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