Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Pinay DH Doesn’t Want to Work Anymore, Asks For Repatriation

Che Calamba, a Pinay domestic worker in Saudi Arabia, went live on her Facebook account and is seeking help to be repatriated.

In the video, Che said that she doesn’t want to work anymore and doesn’t want to stay in Saudi any longer. However, her agency won’t let her and even got angry with her because she’s been changing employers since her arrival in Saudi. Added that she can’t go home until she finishes her contract or pay 25,000 SAR.

“Yung agency ko galit na sakin kasi ba’t daw palagi akong umuuwi. Sabi pa di daw ako pwede umuwi hangga’t di tapos yung kontrata ko or pagbayrin daw po ako 25k Riyal,” Che stated.

Che has only been in Saudi for six months but already been employed to four different employers.

In her defense, Che said that the problem is not with her but to her employers.

“Yung sponsor ko naman ang may problema sakin hindi naman ako kasi nagtrabaho naman ako ng maayos. Di ko alam bakit ayaw nila sakin nagtrabaho naman ako ng maayos sa kanila. Lahat ng utos nila sinusunod ko naman, bakit ganun?” Che added.

Che is currently staying at accomodation and will have to work for another employer if she’ll not be repatriated.

Novel CoronaVirus

A concerned netizen tries to convince Che to endure the difficulties as help from the Philippine government might take longer than the usual due to the COVID19, which is now a pandemic. With all the travel bans and lockdowns that are not only happening in the Philippines, but in the whole world, including Saudi, it’ll be very hard for the government to send help at this time, explained the concerned netizen.

She also advised Che to try to talk to her agency again and make them understand her side.

Watch the video here:

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