Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020

Pinay DH Beats Her Fellow Pinay Coworker

A Pinay domestic worker is seen beating her fellow Pinay DH.

When you’re in a foreign country, it is very normal for anyone to feel at ease when they have kababayans in their workplace as somehow, they will feel that they have an ally and someone can understand them because they are from the same nationality.

However, as normal as it is, this is not always the case for people with the same nationality. The same with these two Filipinas who work under the same employer. Instead of being friends, these Filipinas become mortal enemies to the point where one wants to kill the other.

It can be seen in the video that the other Pinay attacks her fellow Pinay coworker. It is not mentioned what’s the reason behind the fight but it can clearly be seen that the other pinay feels so much anger to her fellow Pinay coworker.

You can also hear the enraged Pinay saying how she suppressed her anger at her Pinay coworker.

“Sumosubra ka na sakin ha.. sobra na yan ha..sobra na yan,” said the enraged Pinay when she’s attacking her coworker.

The other Pinay worker gained bruises on her knee and on her face.
It is said that she already reported the incident to their employer, but the employer only listens to them and didn’t do anything to reprimand her mean coworker.

“Nakinig lang sa amin yun lang,” answered the pinay victim whe she was asked if she already informed their employer about what her coworker did to her.

The Pinay victim also added that her fellow coworker saw a knife on the table and would have loved to attack the other Pinay with it, she only suppresses herself.

“Sabi nia nagpigil pa daw sya yan may nakita daw kutselyo sa table gusto na nya gawin.”

For now, the Pinay victim leaves her door open so that she can see if her fellow Pinay coworker goes inside the room.

Watch video below:

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Posted by Ljie Mickel Tulda on Saturday, May 23, 2020

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