Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Philippines Would Supply OFWs With Vaccinations Chosen By The Destination Country

As vaccinations have become a requirement for employment, many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) get vaccinations before traveling to their assigned place of employment.

Some nations, however, have a preferred vaccination brand, and the Philippine government is working to find a solution to this need as soon as possible.

According to Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III, the Philippines government would provide overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) with vaccines from the brand recommended by their employers in their various places of employment.

Last month, when the government imposed a more stringent inspection regime for overseas Filipino workers who had received vaccines manufactured in China, Bello said that OFWs traveling to Saudi Arabia would be temporarily barred from leaving the country’s capital. Therefore, the National Task Force Against COVID-19 (NTF) has been entrusted with supplying them with the vaccinations needed by their employers, mainly overseas Filipino workers.


Deputy Chief Secretary Vivencio Dizon said in a statement that the government would prioritize seafarers or land-based OFWs who were scheduled to leave the country within four months over other OFWs who were not expected to go because of the country’s limited supply of Pfizer vaccines over those who were not scheduled to leave.

In a one-of-a-kind vaccination program conducted by Magsaysay Maritime Corp. and the City of Manila on June 17, about 1,200 seafarers got Pfizer injections.

In a statement issued by presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, Harry Roque has urged all government agencies and seafarers’ unions to collaborate with local governments on mass vaccination campaigns.

The government has also stated that Filipinos, not just overseas Filipino workers, are encouraged to take the COVID-19 vaccination held by their respective LGUs. These vaccination programs will help us fight the COVID-19. It will also help the economy as more businesses will open, and more jobs will be available, lifting the financial crisis in our country.

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  1. Hi I just like to ask, what if we (to be an ofw) have our flight sched by next mo. August 2021, where and when can we possibly take our vaccine? Does the lgu can prioritize our vaccine or there are other agencies or government offices that would assist us regarding about this matter? Thank you.

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