Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Philippine Consulate In HK Reminds OFW About Posting Indecent Photos Online

The Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong released a statement to warn every OFW about the consequences of posting indecent photos online. This after obscene photos of Overseas Filipino workers posted online went viral.

The PCG in Hong Kong repeats warning that posting or uploading obscene or indecent photos online is a crime in HK. That it is punishable by law under the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance (COIAO) of Hong Kong.

If found guilty, one can be charged by a maximum fine of HK$1,0000,0000 (or amounting up to 6 million Philippine pesos) and a maximum sentence of three (3) years imprisonment.

“We posted this again to remind our kababayans that it’s a crime, and the law enforces here are very strict about this,” stated Consul Paul Saret, head of the PCG-Assistance to Nationals Section.

Consulate General Advisory

Series of indecent Photos

If you remember or maybe you’re reading about it now, news of Filipina domestic workers in Hong Kong proudly showing off their butts while on a hike had startled everyone.

The photos posted online showed Filipinas who are stripping off their undergarments to show their butts while posting ate the edge of the cliff.

Another photo showed a line of women as well who are pulling off each other’s shorts to show their butts.

“Fun hike” by DWC or Domestic Worker Corner

The “fun hike” was said to be part of the regular activity of the Domestic Worker Corner group in Hong Kong. This is to encourage newly arrived OFWs to join activities that promote healthy living (exercise) during their day off.

Before the hike started, a picture was posted showing a group of about 50 hikers holding the DWC banner. The DWC founder and co-administrator Rodelia Pedro said that what happened next was unknown to her group.

“Wala kaming kinalaman doon, kaya lahat kami nagulat nang kumalat ang mga litrato,” she said. “Maraming hindi members ang nadaanan nila at sumali, pero bandang huli ay naghiwalay-hiwalay sila. Yung mga nasa litrato ay nauna, at iilan lang sila. Pero dahil madami ang sumama hindi na namin alam kung sino ang member at sino ang hindi.”

She added that she had talked with the people involved in the pictures and said that they were sorry about it. In the end, she pleaded for everyone to stop spreading the pictures which she said was uploaded without the owner’s consent.

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