Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Philippine Consulate Adopts Latest Info Technology As They Launch WhatsApp Hotline

In a move that garnered a lot of positive feedback from the OFW community as well as an attempt to serve the multitude of concerns of fellow Filipinos in the United Arab Emirates, the Philippine Consulate in Dubai and Northern Emirates have recently launched their WhatApp hotline number to further assisst their countrymen in the region.


From Sundays to Thursdays, Filipinos in Dubai and other parts of the UAE can now contact the WhatsApp hotline number of the Philippine Consulate. In an announcement from the Consulate General of the Philippines in Dubai and Northern Emirates, UAE, The WhatsApp mobile number is 056 417 7558 and can be reached during working hours from Sunday to Thursday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except during legal holidays.

It aims to improve the help and assistance being provided to Filipinos in the UAE. Due to the number of Filipinos that are currently using WhatsApp, the consulate thought that it would be a great avenue to further extend their assistance.

Service To The People

According to Consul General Paul Raymond Cortes, they are striving to make best use of the latest information technology to make sure that the Filipinos get the services that they need. It is also a move to bring the services of the consulate closer to the people.

“I hope our fellow Filipinos would heed our announcement and send all the inquiries to our WhatsApp Hotline. Not only are we trying to make best use of the current information technology available, we are also endeavoring to bring the consulates services closer to our people using mediums that are closest to their convenience, particularly social media networking and phone based apps,”

Consul General Paul Raymond Cortes

More Convenient

With the use of the WhatsApp hotline, Filipinos who has simple inquiries don’t have to personally go to the Consulate office and just message the hotline number. With almost 1 million Filipinos living in the UAE, the consulate needs to rethink more innovative ways to serve the people, and the WhatsApp hotline is indeed a good way to start.

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