Sat. May 30th, 2020

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PhilHealth chief Dela Serna Admitted To Have Lived in A P3,800 per night Hotel in One Year

In recent days, Philhealth has been the talk not only here in the Philippines but across the world, after they released the mandated premium contribution for OFWs.

The said law drew many controversies and among them is the luxury life of Philhealth chief Dela Serna.

Amidst the chaos that “Premium Contribution for OFWs” caused, the issue of Philhealth chief living in a luxury hotel has circulated online.

It was reported that a lawmaker unintentionally discovered and was shocked that Philhealth chief president Celestina Dela Serna had actually spent a year living in a hotel worth P3,800 per night.

Negros Oriental Rep. Arnulfo Teves said he and House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez had the chance to speak with Dela Serna in an event at the House of Representatives and that’s when they learned about her extravagant lifestyle.

Teves said that Dela Serna admitted to it and said that she only did that because she thought it was okay.

“She admitted to staying in the hotel for one year or more… More or less one year sa hotel siya nakatira charged to Philhealth and she said she thought it was okay, that’s why she did it,” he said.

Teves added that Dela Serna told them that she stayed in one of the rooms of Legend Villas which cost at least P3,800 per night.

“Imagine you have a Philhealth president na ganoon?” the lawmaker said.

Teves filed House Resolution 1928 addressing the House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability to conduct an investigation in favor of the bill, into the “gross financial and operational management, corruption, as well as the proliferation of fraud through the creation of ghost members in PhilHealth.”

Also, Teves said that the House Committee will examine Dela Serna’s other expenses at the congressional hearing.

“[O]ur sources have claimed that many such expenses are wasteful and too extravagant,” he said.

Earlier, The Commission on Audit warned Dela Serna for spending P627,000 for travels and hotels in 2017 despite the loss of P8.92 billion in Philhealth.

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