Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Paralyzed OFW In Lebanon Needs Immediate Help

A video of a paralyze OFW has circulated online.

In the video, a group of OFWs is helping their sick fellow OFW friend. According to them, the OFW can’t walk anymore and her hip bone is starting to protrude.

It can be seen in the video that one of the OFWs carries the sick OFW on her back to help her settled on the bed. It was mentioned that it is an everyday situation for both the OFW and the one who’s taking care of her.

The concerned OFWs didn’t know what happened to their friend. According to them, it was so sudden and fast that for only a month their friend’s situation worsens. She went paralyzed in a span of one month.

“Biglaan lang talaga. One lang sya ganito na. Dati kasakasama pa namin yan sa trip,” stated one of the OFWs.

For now, they are the ones helping the OFW and visits her from time to time. They urged the government to take immediate action for their friend as she’s really not in good condition anymore.

Moreover, they also urged the other OFWs to not give their all when working and not give their lives to their employer.

“Tayong mga OFW please lang, mag-ano naman tayo, mag-ingat ingat din tayo. Tsaka sa mga amo natin, wag naman tayong one hundred percent ibigay ang buhay natin sa kanila dahil balang araw pababayan na din tyao ng mga yan. Kaya kunting ano lang din, ingat ingat sa mga amo. Wag lahat ibigay tudo,” reminded the concerned OFW.

The paralyze OFW’s name is Maria Asuncion from Negros, Philippines.

Please, share this story or her video below and make it viral so that help comes to her way immediately. For Maria’s group of friends, we salute you for not abandoning your friend in times of difficult situations. Maria is still and truly blessed to have loyal friends like you.

Watch her video here:

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