Mon. Apr 12th, 2021
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OWMS OFW Welfare Monitoring System Launched by POEA

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration launches OWMS or OFW Welfare Monitoring System.

What is OWMS?

OWMS or OFW Welfare Monitoring System, a program of POEA, is an online system intended to closely monitor the current situation of all Filipinos working abroad. This program will be used by local recruitment and manning agencies to closely monitor the condition of Filipinos that they have deployed and report it to POEA. This is to ease the families left in the Philippines and update them of their family’s condition working abroad.

The POEA release a memorandum where it required all recruitment and manning agencies to submit a report about the initial status of the worker three months after they have been deployed to their respective employer and started working.

The monitoring report will be done regularly and should be submitted to the agency of POEA every three months or quarterly.

How about urgent situations?

Those Filipinos that are in a bad situation and needs close monitoring, respective agencies shall submit a report within five days from the day the incident happened.

To avoid confusion and be organized, agencies are required to submit and create an individual monitoring report for each worker. Any critical reports are considered “active” and only POEA has the right to declare it solved or closed.

Will the reports be verified?

Yes, all the reports from the respective agencies will be collated and arranged by the Workers Education and Welfare Monitoring Division (WEWMD) of the POEA. WEWMD will also evaluate the reports and submit their analysis report regularly to the administrator or as needed.

Before the system implementation. POEA has prepared the recruitment agencies by giving them extensive time to prepare similar reports but should still be submitted within three months after they were asked.

All agencies are strictly required to comply with this new system. Those who fail to comply will face administrative sanctions.

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