Tue. Dec 11th, 2018
Filipina worker escaped cruel employer

Pinay OFW Forced To Work For Long Hours Seeks Help For Escape

A Pinay OFW working in Jeddah is again the victim of a cruel employer, forcing her to work for long hours until the middle of the night.

Abuse Or Unemployment

With all the abuse and maltreatment that the OFWs have been experiencing from their employers in the Middle East, many are wondering why people are still determined to work there despite the risks.

Photo Credit: Facebook

It seems that these Pinoy OFWs only have two choices left for them. Risk their lives and endure the abuses of the cruel employers? Or forever be stuck in poverty here in our country?

Plea For Help

In a video shared by Lyrehs koh on her Facebook account, another Pinay OFW is requesting for help from the netizens in order to aid her to escape the horrifying ordeal she is experiencing from her cruel employer. She is forced to work for long hours until nighttime.

She videotaped herself doing all kinds of work, and you can clearly see that she is working even late at night.

Lyrehs Kohさんの投稿 2018年9月1日土曜日

Failing Health

Based on the pictures that the Filipina OFW sent, it seemed like she is not at the top of her health. She looked pale, and seem to have some infection in her nostrils. This may be caused by too much work or lack of food to eat.

Photo Credit: Facebook

These are the inhuman conditions that our fellow Filipinos experience abroad. They are making all these sacrifices to help their families back home. While the government is doing it’s best to protect and ensure the safety of the OFWs, the future is still uncertain for these modern day heroes.

Lyrehs Kohさんの投稿 2018年9月1日土曜日

President Duterte sums it up when he asked the question “When will the inhuman treatment of my fellow Filipinos end?”

Netizens Support

Concerned netizens were quick to support the Pinay OFW. They suggested some actions that the OFW can do so that she can go back home and end her painful experience at the hands of her cruel employers.

Here are some of the reactions from the netizens.

Photo Credit: Facebook

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