Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

Overseas Filipino Worker Was Attacked By His Employer’s Men And Was Hit On The Head

There’s really no guarantee about your safety when you go abroad. And the worst part of it is, you didn’t who to trust and from whom you could ask help with.

OFW was attacked by Saudi men

A video of himself was uploaded by Michael Solen Sevilla Ensomo on his Facebook account. Michael is an OFW based in Saudi Arabia.

In the video, it can be seen that there’s a blood dripping from Michael’s head.

It can be heard at the beginning of the video that Michael’s companion is talking to someone,

“We need help. This one is the one who threw a stone on my nephew’s head.”

According to Michael, they were from Saudi labor and that’s where his employer’s men waited for him and attacked him.

Michael even turned the phone’s camera to take a video of the people who attacked him.

Being in a foreign country with no insurance who can send help immediately, Michael prayed from our Almighty God to guide and help them.

While Michael’s companion is busy calling for help, someone knocked on their car’s door. It seems like they were asked to move their car but Michael refused and explained his situation and said that he needs a doctor.

After it was settled, Michael then talked that his employer’s men thought that he would fight that’s why he was attacked. His companion also added that he saw when they (Michael’s employer men) attempt to run over Michael.

It can be seen that Michael is panting due to his head-wound. He even said that he’s already feeling dizzy.

The Facebook Netizen’s reactions

While many sympathized with Michael there are some that laugh and cruelly commented that Michael is just overacting.

It drew angry netizens who think that such rude comment was uncalled for and called out for the rude netizen.

Michael’s situation update

In his latest post, Michael posted a picture of himself and said thanks to those who had helped him. He had not mentioned who helped him.

However, though already safe, his latest post showed how dire their situation was. Their car was damaged, a proof that they were indeed attacked violently.

Seeing the picture, it’s a blessing that Michael only got a minor injury and is safe now for it could’ve been worse.

Source: Facebook


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