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houseworker oom is the bathroom

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs): Expectations vs Reality

Aside from an opportunity of earning for their family back home, OFWs get treated badly for their services to foreign employers. News programs and social media platforms are abuzz with stories of our fellow Filipinos suffering and other cruelties you can never imagine.

some of the reality of working as domestic helper

The photo portrays the living condition of a domestic helper (DH). You can just imagine if the employer uses the toilet. The occupant has two choices to continue sleeping and suffer the discomfort from a human discharge or go out which disrupts the rest. The toilet serves other purposes and a sleeping quarter is not one.  

Some Filipina domestic workers in Hong Kong is also suffering the same bad living condition, bathroom as room, room under the kitchen table, a cabinet converted in to a room.

Let our minds work and go beyond the picture. The employer has no concern over the welfare of the DH and this depicts the state of condition most of our OFWs face when they are in a foreign land.

domestic helper living condition

Why Filipinos work overseas?

Let us look at some reasons Filipinos risk working overseas despite the threat of bad treatment from foreign employers.


The level of unemployment in the country is high. Every year there are graduates but the opportunity for employment is small or nil. Filipinos are tempted to grab work opportunities from abroad hoping to earn money and for greener pastures.

Higher income

With the prevailing salary structures employees finds a hard time to make ends meet. The lure of higher salary and benefits presented by jobs abroad is hard to disregard. A doctor will give up his profession for a lower position like a caregiver, physical therapist, or a nurse.

Family and peer pressure

With only a few months overseas Jose was able to achieve a better life – Why can’t I?

Filipinos are family-centered we put the welfare of our family above anything else. We dare to venture into unchartered territory just to give the household the best things in life.

The high cost of living

The government slaps the workforce with excessive taxes compared to other countries. They can save the difference in the bank. Utility companies charge excessive amounts for their service. Internet service providers (ISPs) deliver slow speed at a high rate.


Most OFWs are disenchanted with the inability of the Government to provide the basic services and a slow economic development. Massive floods, tragedies, and widespread crime make you feel unsafe in your own home.

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