Tue. Jul 14th, 2020
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Online gold bars investment, legit or scam?

Just imagine this. You go abroad to work. You spend countless hours perfecting your craft. You deal with foreigners and leave your family for the promise of lucrative jobs. You earn dollars, yen, euro and other currencies you can think of. Now here comes the promise of gold. Gold as in you can buy and own a gold bar. But wait! Do not let this fool you.

Owning Gold Made Possible?

A video about a man who promotes buying online gold bars to OFWs was accosted by policemen. The video was recorded by an OFW who claims that she was scammed by the said man named July Macapas. In the video, Macapas was seen with a group of OFWs in a restaurant in Hong Kong when he was interrupted by the policemen and a woman who was saying that he blocked them on Facebook. Another woman arrived at the scene who was recording the video while Macapas was being confronted by his supposed victim. The woman who was recording the incident said that she was scammed by as much as 160,000 although the exact currency was not stated; she was also seen showing receipts. The name Donato, Global InterGold and Team Donato were also mentioned.

In another video, Macapas was seen explaining how their money will increase its value at a very fast rate. It turned out that a group of victims was already looking for Macapas since one of them said that they want to give justice to those OFWs who were allegedly victimized by Macapas.

Global InterGold: Basic Knowledge

Global InterGold is actually an online shop. It promotes 999.9 investment gold bars that are certified by DMCC, BORSA, and LBMA. It boasts of customers from an estimated of 150 countries. Its administrative office is in London and its two satellite offices are in Mexico City and Geneva (Switzerland).

Its business is run by making gold easily bought by people from all walks of life. Its bonus program is similar to networking businesses in which customers can buy gold bars and accumulate bonuses (in euros) by promoting its Online Gold Shop.

A Blessing or a Scam?

The (literal) promise of gold is made complicated by several customers who claim to have been taken for a ride by Global InterGolds different teams, Team Donato in particular. While there is no definite news yet about the outcome of this alleged scam, OFWs are warned not to spend their hard-earned money without studying intently any investment scheme they are interested in.

We all want to double our savings. Although it is possible to achieve this objective, it is not always easily done overnight. The best way to avoid risks and scams is to study carefully all investment options available and to be selective in businesses or investment schemes you want to participate in.

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Gold is precious, but so is your money.

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