Tue. Dec 11th, 2018

OFW’s “RESIBO DRESS” Serves As A Stark Reality Of How Life Abroad Is, But Also Shows The Positive Side Of Filipinos

An OFW’s Facebook post made rounds online for her unique fashion style that was both humorous and reflective. The 26-year-old Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), who goes by the Facebook name Erica Nicole Harb, posed for the camera and brandished her new dress which was made not of fancy fabric but of numerous remittance receipts. She accompanied the picture with a caption most Filipinos working abroad can undoubtedly relate to. It was entertaining but at the same time, a blunt depiction of what it’s like to work away from home.

Remittance to expectant families

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in a 2016 survey estimate, there are more than 2 million Filipinos working overseas. More than half of them are in the Middle East just like Erica who is currently employed in Qatar.

OFWs would regularly send money to the Philippines through the service of various remittance companies. Some would send all of their earnings, leaving them with nothing but a piece of paper, a mere remembrance of their sweat, blood and tears. This was the inspiration for Erica’s “Resibo” dress and its underlying message that OFWs sacrifice so much, working hard yet neglecting their own needs for the sake of their families.

Heartbreaking reality

Erica, who hails from Sorsogon, has a 2-year-old daughter of her own. In her Facebook posts, she shares how heartbreaking it is to not be there during her child’s milestones. She longs to be called “mama” and worries that her daughter may not recognize her anymore when it’s time to go home.

This is the painful predicament of many OFWs toiling in a foreign land, away from people they love the most.

Staying positive

Still, Erica opts to see the positive side of her situation. To divert her loneliness, she would don nice clothes and share her model-like snapshots to her Facebook friends and followers, the “Resibo” dress being the most meaningful to date. Despite the hardships of working abroad, which she acknowledges and accepts wholly, she is proud of being an OFW.

OFWUpdate Contest!

Do you have your own “Resibo” dress and OFW story to share?

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  2. The picture should be clear with no filters
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  4. Must be an active OFW
  5. 1 entry per worker

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