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OFWs Beware: Power Bank Overheats and Causes Death

Are you in the habit of charging your gadgets while sleeping? If yes, this is a habit that might harm you.

A power bank is heaven-sent. Today, everyone is on the move. Keeping communication lines open is a must. One latest gadget to catch the fancy of everyone is the power bank. With its ability to charge our smartphones when they run out of energy, power bank is now a travel essential.

However, like any gadgets, power banks must be handled with care. Reports of injuries caused by an overheated power bank and other chargers are abundant and disturbing.

The Dangers of Chargers

A graphic photo of a 15-year-old girl electrocuted by a power bank circulated on the Internet showing her lying down with a burnt power bank stuck on her chest. Reports say that she fell asleep while chatting with her friend. She connected her power bank to an electricity source during a power failure. When electricity returned, the sudden electricity surge caused the power bank to overheat and explode killing the young girl in the process. Her parents found her dead on May 25, 2015.

This is not the first incident that happened regarding gadgets overheating while charging.

A similar incident was reported by last April 3, 2017. A mobile charger was believed to have caused the fire that injured around 12 people including two young girls who were rescued. A flat in Tin Shui Wai caught fire due to a mobile charger that overheated. Over 100 residents were evacuated and the flat-owner sustained burns. A burnt charger was found by firemen.

In Australia, reported a Filipina who was found dead after being electrocuted by a USB-styled charger. She was using her headphones and laptop when she was electrocuted. Her death caused the recall of power boards, USB-compatible chargers, and travel adaptors which failed to meet Australian standards. The woman left behind a husband and two children.

In 2015, a telecoms company recalled their power bars after discovering that these can overheat and cause a fire.

Some Quick Tips

Surely you dont want to suffer a similar fate. Here are some tips that you can do to avoid overheating your power banks:

  • Buy original chargers. They may be expensive, but originally made chargers made by reputable companies pass strict standards. Cheap chargers are less expensive but their quality is not equal to their original counterparts.
  • Avoid overcharging your power bank. This can cause harm to the batteries. It is best to disconnect your power bank when it reaches the 99% capacity.
  • Avoid damaging your charger. Placing this in a hot place, dropping the unit and charging it using other devices that did not come with the package can pose a risk to your power bank.

Keep you and your family safe by practicing safe methods when using your gadgets. Misuse of gadgets can lead to accidents and fire. Power banks that overheated can cause injuries and even death. Safe ways of using them ensure prolonging their lifespan and keeping you and your family safe.

Some of the claims are said to be a hoax, according to a website Another forum, Nairaland explained that a power bank could not have been the reason for the girl’s death. Regardless of these claims, we still need to make sure that those things are placed in their proper places and away from you.

Regardless of these claims, we still need to make sure that those things are placed in their proper places and away from you.

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