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OFW Wife Neglects Family, Prefers To Send Money To Her Chatmate

Ever since before, infidelity has been an issue in a relationship. And it has been the reason for a strong relationship to fall apart. However, nowadays, with all the latest technologies and easy access to social media, seems like infidelity has become a hobby, a part of someone’s daily life.

Long-distance relationship

Though not all, most guilty of this wrongdoing are the ones who are in a long-distance relationship. This is because LDR needs a lot of work – a lot of understanding, courage, patience, and faith than what you think. If you or your partner lack these kinds of attitude, then your relationship mostly won’t last. Or one would betray the other, just like this OFW.

OFW Wife Neglects Family

Wife reveals her husband’s infidelity

Ghiera Sorepsin Neel posted on her Facebook account about her husband’s infidelity. According to Ghiera, her husband Ronnel has an affair to an OFW named, Geralden Managuing Sugot. The two met on Facebook and later on developed a romantic relationship. In addition, the two are both married but still chose to continue their relationship.

Prefers To Send Money To Her Chatmate

OFW supports her lover financially than her own family

What’s more frustrating is the OFW now neglecting her duty to her family and chose to send her hard-earned money to her lover instead. What a brilliant, lovey-dovey move right? That’s not all, to add to your frustration, the wife revealed that Geralden is not the first victim of her husband. She said that Ronnel had dated four other women in the past as well. And all of them sends him money! What an easy life.

“Marami ng nahuthutang babae etong asawa ko pang lima na sya. Halos buwan buwan sya padalhan. Mahigit 100k na ang naibibigay sa kanya kasama ang motor. Ang masaklap ay paminsan minsan lang nya padalhan ang pamilya nya sa Pagadian.”

OFW Wife Neglects Family, Prefers To Send Money To Her Chatmate

We hope that these two could learn their lesson in the hardest possible way. Karma is a bitch, after all, they say.

Source: Pinoy Patrol

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