Tue. Jul 14th, 2020
OFW wife

OFW Wife Got Pregnant With A Pakistani And A Jordanian

It is in our common knowledge that Filipinos go overseas for the sake of giving their family a brighter future. Equipped with hopes and dreams, despite all the uncertainties to go abroad, they gather strength and determination to still go for it to achieve their dream. They go away with a promise to come back and bring a brighter future for their family that’s being left behind.

However, as the saying goes, “Promises are made to be broken”, not all adhere to their promises to their family.

Husband complains his OFW wife

In Raffy Tulfo In Action report, the husband complains his wife for having an affair in abroad, but despite this, the husband still wants to get his wife back but the wife doesn’t talk to him anymore.

raffy tulfo in action

According to the complainant (the husband), Welvin CaƱete, his wife Elovelle is working as a housekeeper or cleaner based in UAE. And went home recently without his knowledge.

welvin canete

Welvin said that he just learned it from his friend. Having learned about this information, Welvin went to his wife’s home and tried to talk to her but his wife ran away and refused to see him.

Wife got pregnant by a Pakistani and Jordanian

In addition, Welvin said that his wife got pregnant with a Pakistani and a Jordanian.

Raffy Tulfo asked him where he got this information and Welvin replied that he learned it from his wife’s best friend.

Being a family-centered man and having a strong belief in his marriage vows, Welvin is willing to look past through his wife’s infidelity and still wants to make amend with her and build their relationship again.

Raffy Tulfo advised the husband

Having heard of this from Welvin, Raffy Tulfo strongly advised him to move on and just focus all his attention on his daughter.

Raffy asked the husband once again why his that adamant to make amend to his wife and Welvin admits that he wants to have justification to himself because he really feels abused and taken for granted by his wife.

tulfo action

Raffy then told him that since they are still married, he could file a case to his wife instead. However, Raffy added that all of these hassles are useless.

Raffy strongly said that their situation is beyond repairable. That even if Welvin and his wife get back to each other there’s a big possibility that Welvin might convict his wife to what she’d done and his wife might not remain faithful still.

ofw wife

In the end, Raffy told Welvin that he should focus all his strength in building his family alone without his wife. That he should solely focus on his daughter. And also, Raffy told Welvin to build himself as well because he senses a great deal of self-pity from him.

How about you, do you think Raffy is right? What is your comment about this situation and what can you say to Welvin and his wife?

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