Sun. Apr 21st, 2019
OFW lost sanity

OFW Who Lost Sanity Abroad Did Not Find Her Way Back Home

Being in a foreign land with no one to talk to and miles away from the family is one of the most difficult battles of Overseas Filipino workers. Some are strong enough to endure it but other’s are not. Just like what happened to this OFW.

She lost her battle

Jenalyn Tawanoy Atanacio is a domestic OFW worker in Khatuman Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Jenalyn lost her sanity while working abroad.

Concerned OFW

Icee Hyun Jae is the concerned domestic OFW in KSA who shared Jenalyn’s situation on Facebook. According to her, Jenalyn works as a domestic helper of her (Icee) employer’s child.

It was on Dec. 25 when Icee had found out about Jenalyn’s situation

According to her, they went on vacation at the house of her employer’s child on Dec. 25. And that was when she found out about Jenalyn’s situation.

In addition, Icee said that when she got there, Jenalyn is already not acting herself. She won’t eat, talks to herself, and keep on talking about her children.

Send back home

Good thing her employer sends her home and got her a ticket to the Philippines. However, it was a connecting flight. Her schedule flight was on Dec. 26 Riyadh to Guangzhou and Guangzhou to Riyadh. Jenalyn was supposed to arrive in the Philippines on Dec. 27 but she has not.

Icee had talked about it to Jenalyn’s employer. But Jenalyn’s employer said that he doesn’t know about it. Said that he accompanied Jenalyn to the airport and waited until the plane takes off. After that, he had no news about Jenalyn anymore.

Concerned netizens

Many netizens showed their worry for the OFW, said that her employer shouldn’t have got her a connecting flight given the OFW’s current situation.

However, one commented that ticket at that peak season was very expensive and that they should at least be thankful that her employer bought her a ticket.


Jenalyn is already found in China and is now waiting for her ticket going to the Philippines from her agency.

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