Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

OFW Wanted To Go Home, Faked Craziness and Fooled Many FIlipinos

An overseas Pinay worker acts crazy to be rescued and go home.

Overseas Filipino or not, we know or have an idea of how difficult it is to work abroad. OFWs don’t only need to adjust to the new culture of the country they are assigned to, they also battle emotional stress, homesickness.

It is not easy to miss your family away from home and don’t have someone to talk to. We understand that very well. However, it is also not fair for someone to act and fools everyone just so she can have what she wanted. And this is what, this OFW did.

Pinay worker acts crazy

A Pinay household worker in Kuwait acted crazy fro wanting to go home. In the video taken by her friend, the OFW was lying inside the comfort room acting like she’s out of her mind, laughing and talking to herself. Being concerned, her friend asked her to get serious and get up so that she can send her to the hospital. She also took a video of the OFW to post it on social media and asked for immediate help.

netizen comment

And they did get help within 24 hours

With so many distress overseas Filipino advocates, who’re always on the move to help fellow Filipinos, asking help and be rescued immediately is not that difficult anymore. And indeed, this OFW was rescued no more than twenty four hours since the video was posted. But to the advocates’ disappointment, this OFW only acted to be crazy and fooled everyone because she wanted to go home and don’t like her employer anymore. To think that she is not maltreated by her employer.

OFW Faked Craziness

Will not happen again

We hope that no one will follow this OFW’s footsteps. We know that battling homesickness is hard. However, that is already given long before you decided to go abroad. So stick to being brave emotionally and mentally. More OFWs are in a difficult situation and need of help immediately. Let’s not be selfish.

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Posted by Rosiela Diola on Saturday, September 7, 2019

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