Mon. Feb 17th, 2020
Jessica Loque Oraya

OFW Utterly Hurt and Disappointed By POLO and Recruitment Agency

A domestic worker expresses her utter disappointment to recruitment agency when instead of helping her, they happily chat with her employer instead. They even talked bad about Filipinos being a problem “PILIPINE KULO MISHKILA” in front of her thinking that she can’t understand the words.

Jessica Loque Oraya, a domestic worker from Barangay San Isidro Dolores Eastern Samar, is utterly disappointed and hurt by her agency when they did not help her even if she already told them about her situation and begged for their help. 

Severe Contract Violation 

In her post, Oraya said that she’s a victim of severe contract violation. 

  • She has no day-off.
  • Works 16-18 hours or more
  • Make her work to the house of her employer’s parents.
  • Physically hurt by the employer’s wife. 
  • No free hygienic items (shampoo, soap, etc).
  • Barely given food.
Jessica Loque Oraya

Added that she had asked and begged for help from POLO Al Khobar even called them many times, crying, but staffs just pass her around of who to talk to. And on August 16, 2019, Oraya had managed to talk with the staff and told her that they are processing her papers for rescue. But she was surprised when instead of rescue they told her to make a statement with her agency. Oraya unwilling signed the document because she has no money to buy her own ticket. 

Truly hurt, Oraya expresses her disappointment through social media. She said that she can’t believe that instead of sympathizing with her, her agency’s staff was happily chatting with her employer. Nevermind that she’s in front of them, crying. 

In the end, Oraya hopes that through her post, she can get help and be able to go back home in the Philippines.

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Posted by OFW KAMI on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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