Mon. Feb 17th, 2020
Urine In The Living Room

OFW Upset About The Mother Of Her Employer Who Scatters Her Urine In The Living Room

An Overseas Filipino worker can’t help but cry as she talks about her disappointment to the mother of her employer.

According to the OFW, the mother of her employer used to scatters her urine anywhere in the house. She talks about the many times that the old lady did this. She said that there’s a time when she went into the kitchen to prepare foods when she saw garbage, plastic bottles on the table. At first, she disregards it and said to herself that she will clean it after she cooks food.

However, the incident happened again. This time the old lady played with the table where she placed her urine, drag it around the living room, causing the urine to scattered on the floor. Not content of what she did, the old lady also scatters the plastic bottles along with the plastic where she puts her urine.

mixed with urine

Actually, it is not the first time that this happened, according to the OFW. She only endured it all, but not this time. What upsets the OFW more is her salary’s status is not clear. She mentioned that her employer had not given her two months’ salary, and he also denies that he has a debt to her.

The OFW asks to be sent back to the Philippines. She said that she’s willing to pay her ticket going back home as long as she can get her salary equivalent for two months.

Netizens reactions

Netizens were divided by their opinions. There were some that advice the OFW to endure her situation and understand the mother of her employer as she’s already old. Others opposed and said that that should not be the case given that her salary is also delayed so, it is understandable for the OFW to have a breakdown. Plus, they said that the OFW’s feature shows that she’s somewhat overwork.

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