Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
OFW Blind Eye

OFW Suffering From Nonstop Bleeding Cries For Help

A deeply concerned netizen posted on Facebook a video of an OFW seeking and asking for help. Alnafei Antonio, unhesitatingly posted on her account videos in the hopes of being able to help the distressed Overseas Filipino Worker. She posted a copy of the passport as well.

A Cry For Help

Apparently, the girl in the video was identified as Rejiel Lauron Reniel who is currently working in Dammam, Saudi Arabia as a domestic helper. As seen in the video uploaded on Alnefei’s Facebook account, Rejiel was explaining her health situation and work dilemma while sobbing.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Her Health Condition

According to Rejiel, she has been experiencing pain in her lower abdomen causing her to bleed nonstop for a month and a half now. Even her legs are affected that she cannot walk properly. She also said that her left eye is blind. All these are making Rejiel fear for her life.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Other Complaints

In addition, the OFW complained in the video that her room where she sleeps does not have any air conditioning, not even an electric fan. What’s worse is that Rejiel is only given three hours to rest.

Rejiel also said that she eats one meal a day. When she complained to OWWA, her employer increased it to two meals per day. Although the poor OFW gets to eat twice a day now, her stomach would still hurt and she would vomit. She added that the water she drinks is from the faucet causing an upset stomach. Rejiel brought all these complains to her agency.

Recent Situation

Rejiel Reniel, the OFW in the video, is now even more scared because she has been moved to work for her employer’s mother. The domestic helper before Rejiel ran away the reason why she was moved. She stated in the video that different guests would come day and night.

Source: Facebook

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