Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

OFW Stranded in Kuwait Asks Help to Return in the Philippines

An Overseas Filipino Worker in Kuwait is knocking at the doors to the Philippine government to help him return home at his hometown in Laguna. The said OFW is named Jerry Enriquez, according to a video (link below) he does not have any job for eleven months and has been living in an abandoned building, he also has an expired visa. 

Jerry has sought help in the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait as he has no place to stay hoping the embassy could shelter him but their only response was that there is no male center that could accommodate him. Jerry survives his current condition with the help of his fellow OFWs in Kuwait. They gave him food, water, and medicine as he has high blood and needs medication to treat it.

The OFWs near the abandoned building has also given Jerry access to electricity by using extension cords to allow him to cook food or recharge his phone.

Many netizens commented, especially his fellow OFWs, to offering him help and check on him;

“Bro May mga damit po dito sa bahay nmin sa salmiya na pwede sakanya, paano po kaya maipapadala sakanya?”

Bro, there are some clothes here in my house that could fit him, how can I send this to him?

“May usapan na po kmi to meet him para sa Ayuda at kung ano talga ang status. Dnt worry po mga KABAYANI love is on the Air

We have an agreement to meet up with him [Jerry Enriquez] for the aid and to check for his status. Do not worry fellow countrymen, love is on the air.

“Sana nag amnesty cia nakaraan.. Kawawa naman.. Godless kuya…”

He should have availed the amnesty… I pity him… God bless you…

The video was uploaded by Kentrick Soriano. Watch it below:

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