Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

OFW Shares Her ‘Very Tiring’ Hadiya

Last month, Islamic countries celebrated Ramadan. It is the time of the year when Muslims worldwide observed fasting, prayer, reflection, and community. It is also where employers give Hadiya to their employees. This is why we often see posts nowadays, overseas Filipino domestic workers talking about their Hadiya. While some received cash and gift bag, others received more work than they already have. The same happened to this OFW domestic worker.

OFW’s exhausting Hadiya

Other domestic workers are happy to talk about their Hadiya, which mainly consist of money and perfume, and like them, this OFW is also happy to talk about her ‘supposedly’ Hadiya. However, instead of cash and perfume, her Hadiya is consist of workload, exhausting workload to be exact.


In her post, Lea (not her true name), shares how her employers make her wash a carpet. To give you an idea of how exhausting washing that carpet is, see its picture below.


Exhausting right?

But to make it less exhausting, Lea said that her employers did help her in washing the carpet. But you know the drill, more work and effort is on you.

From ruined to new carpet

Did you see the look of the carpet, it was ruined, right? It wouldn’t have looked like that if her male employer listened to her wife when she told them to stop. But male employer continuously washed it because there still detergent left. And yes, the result is disappointing.

What’s more disappointing is when male employer brings the carpet outside, Lea thought that he would send it to the laundry shop. But much to her disappointment, he bought a new one. Lea couldn’t decide if she will laugh or cry. All her efforts are wasted.

Good thing, Lea has a positive way of dealing with this kind of disappointment, she laughs it off.

Read the post below:


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