Tue. May 21st, 2019
Broken Vase

OFW Kuwait Shares Funny And Embarrassing Moment With Employer Over A Broken Vase

Overseas Filipino domestic worker shares about her employer trying to charge her of a broken vase.

An overseas Filipino domestic worker in Kuwait, shares her experience about her employer wanting to charge her of a broken vase.

The incident

According to her, she was cleaning the house when she bumped into the vase and broke it. Having heard the commotion outside, her employer immediately went out of her room and was not happy with what she saw.

She immediately scolds her and rant about the vase’s price. She even asked her if she had no idea how much the vase costs.

Di ko sinasadyang matabig ang isang vase kanina… ayun basag…labas sa kwarto nia yung madam kong mukang witch 🤣🤣🤣 at yun ratsada na bunganga…di ko daw ba alam ang PRESYO nung VASE… blah blah blah..etc etc…

Charged of a broken vase

Having heard of this, she defended herself and said she didn’t intentionally break the vase.

“Di ko naman sinasadya “

However, her employer refused to accept her reason and said to charge her of the vase. In which she readily agreed to avoid more commotion perhaps.

“I will deduct to your salary that amount”

eh sabi ko naman “ayos lang”

But, the funny and embarrassing moment happened

After their agreement, she continued to clean the house and gathers the broken pieces of the vase. However, while doing this, she discovers the price tag of the vase. Guess how much it is? 2.900 KD or 507 PHP.

poootek 2.900 KD lng pala (507 pesos sa pera natin)

Broken Vase

Discovering this, she immediately showed the price tag to her employer. She didn’t mention what her employer reaction is but said that she will be no longer paying the vase.

“bah xiempre pinakita ko sa witch kong madam… 🤣🤣🤣 ayun lamnathiz napahiya cia xiempre… 🤣🤣🤣 #abswelto

Note: Name was removed to protect her identity

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