Tue. May 21st, 2019
Bundle Of Money a bait?

OFW Saw A Bundle Of Money While Cleaning Employer’s House; A Bait?

Filipinos are known for being honest and hardworking. That’s why most foreigners love to hire or work with us Filipinos.

However, though there’s trust between you and your employer, it can’t be helped if your employer would want to test you sometimes. Test your honesty for this matter.

OFW Malaysia

An OFW domestic helper in Malaysia, posted in Pinoy OFW in Malaysia Facebook group about her experience recently. She saw a bundle of money while cleaning her employer’s house.

Saw a money

According to her, her employer asked her to clean the house last week. However, it is only this week that she’s able to clean the house. And much to her surprise, she saw a crisp bundle of money while cleaning.

Bundle Of Money a bait?

A bait?

Though shock, the OFW just laughed about it and joke about her employer having a bait to test her honesty.

“pa post po admin.. share ko lang😂 sabi ng amo q last week simulan ko na daw mag linis kasi malapit na ang CNY.. pero ngayon lang ako maglilinis 😂 tas ito makikita ko sa taas 😂😂 ano to pain? lah! di ako nasisilaw😂 my sahod naman ako. padaanan ko.lng ng basahan yan😂😂😂😂” she said.

Netizens funny suggestions

Many related to the experience of the Overseas Filipino domestic worker. But somehow, some netizens have a funny suggestion on what should be the next step of the OFW. Here are a few of their suggestions:

domestic helper experience money bait
employer nag pain ng pera


Though the situation may seem funny, it’s still important to be careful, especially, when you’re in a foreign country. Be honest with your work and to your employer.

The OFW is right not to assume that the money is already hers since she saw it. She is right when she contacted her employer about it right away. Remember to be vigilant always, especially, when the situation deals with money.

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