Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

OFW Mother Of Children Who Seeks Help For Their Mom And Ended Up Sleeping In The Street, Rescued

Most of the time, we consider those individuals who have a family working abroad, lucky. This may be true in the financial aspect, but we forget to see how these individuals might have felt also. You know that being an OFW has a lot of risks, so you can imagine how the family behind might feel if their family abroad is suffering.

Hardships in getting help

Working abroad is hard, but asking for help is a lot harder. That’s why most OFW domestic workers ask help through social media, hoping that their post will go viral and finds help immediately. Or better yet, ask help from their own country, the Philippines. And that’s what this OFW did.

Sends family to get help in the Philippines

Mylene Dulang, an OFW in Jeddah from T’boli South Cotabato, asks help from her children to get help in the Philippines. According to Mylene, her male employer had repeatedly attempted to rape her. In a more detail event, Mylene said that her employer had actually chased her naked. Being afraid for her life, and knowing how hard it is to ask help in abroad, Mylene asked help from her children.

Sleeping In The Street

At first, Mylene’s children asked for help from her agency, but the agency told them that they will call her. However, one month passed and Mylene still hasn’t received calls from her agency. So her children decided to ask help from a TV station in the Philippines, hoping that they can get help immediately. However, the station refused to help them as they see their mother’s situation not urgent. The children could do nothing but cry, go out of the station, and ended up sleeping in the street because they have no more money left. They wait for their aunt to send them money going back home by the morning.

Ka Bong, an OFW advocate, gets to know the situation and immediately coordinates with the Philippine government leader in Jeddah to help Mylene. Mylene is now safe and is under the care of OWWA.

Sleeping In The Street

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