Mon. Apr 12th, 2021
ofw couple dream house

OFW Millenial Couple Inspiration

Are you looking for some relationship goals? 

Take a cue from millennials Sharmaine Mamaril and Ricky Jay (RJ) Javate. At such a young age (Sharmaine is 26 years old while RJ is 24 years old), this OFW couple had worked hard to build their 2-story dream house. 

ofw couple dream house

Both Sharmaine and RJ have grown up from a simple family in Pangasinan. Hardships and poverty were no strangers to them. This is probably the reason why they learned to be prudent in handling their money. 

Sharmaine had a part-time job as a bread vendor when she was 15 years old. She used the money earned for her school allowance. She worked her way through college until she graduated with a degree in AB English. RJ, on the other hand, had several sidelines since high school to support himself. 

ofw couple dream house

In 2014, the two met at a bus station. RJ found Sharmaine really pretty so he looked him up on social media. What started as text mates have blossomed into a romantic relationship. A few months into the relationship, RJ had already made plans for their future and convinced Sharmaine to buy a lot in the province. Sharmaine gladly agreed since it’s a wise investment. 

To make this plan happen, RJ went to Taiwan to work as a factory worker while Sharmaine followed several months later. Both were working in different cities so they were in long-distance relationships most of the time. They have paid up the lot in just after 2 years. 


Their investment and plan for the future did not just stop there. The hard-working couple purchased another land and started planning their dream house. Most of their salary as OFW was allocated to their house payment, with each of them sharing P50,000 monthly. They have also ventured into an online business to help them make more money. 

When Sharmaine went home last year, she was greeted by their two-story dream house. The house is very spacious and with a stunning veranda. It also has 4 bedrooms, two of which are reserved for their respective parents. 

The story of this millennial couple is indeed very inspiring. There’s no better time to plan and work for your future than now. 

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