Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
OFW Lost Mom

OFW Lost Mom and Now Needs Help for Her Sick Brother

Heart-Wrenching Story Of An OFW Who Was Maltreated, Lost Her Mother And Now, Wants To Be With Her Sick Brother

Shan Dra, a Facebook user, posted on her timeline the life story of her cousins who are in need of immediate help.

According to Shan Dra, her cousin has been suffering from his illness ever since he was young. This little boy had not even experienced how it is to be happy, be a child, play outside because of his illness.

sick brother

What’s even more heartbreaking is her cousin lost his mother last September due to cancer. And now, his older sister who works as an overseas Filipino worker in Dammam is in need of immediate help.

Older sister life abroad

Shan Dra said that her cousin escaped from her employer last April 25, 2018, due to maltreatment. She added that her cousin’s employer used to overworked her. Let her sleep for only 2-3 hours. Her employer would demand to finish cleaning the house for only 4 hours and take care of his children after. But, the house is a 3-story house and her cousin is the only one working there.

Lost Mom

What more, her cousin doesn’t hold her salary and even not allowed to call her family. She only got the chance to escape when her passport had expired. She then refused to go back to her employer.

Her agency picked her up last April. She then asked them a favor to give her a job even for at least 2 months so that she can have money when she goes home. Yet, when she was about to go home, her mother was sent to the hospital. Her cousin used up her saved money for her mother’s hospitalization.

The problem doesn’t end there

But after 2 days of staying in the hospital, the Doctor had given up. Said the cancer is already incurable and sends their sick mother home. After 2 days, her mother passed away.

The OFW had not seen her mother for 4 years and now, her brother is fighting for his life.
We empathized for the OFWs situation along with her family. We hope that they received help as sooner as possible.

Source: FB

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