Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

OFW Left By Employer In The Airport With Only A Ticket Home and A Small Plastic Bag

A concerned OFWs posted a video of a fellow OFW they saw sitting on the airport, still in her uniform, and staring at nothing.

When asked about what happened to her, the OFW stated that she was left by her employer at the airport with nothing but a ticket home and a small plastic bag. She doesn’t even have money, and her ticket is only bound to Manila, and she’s from Zamboanga.

The OFW’s name is Jahida Abdulah and her recruitment agency’s name is Around The World agency.

Kind-hearted Filipinos

No matter where you are, fellow Filipinos are always ready to help kababayans that are in need. And this is what exactly fellow Filipinos deed to the struggling OFW.

Seeing that Jahida is in a difficult situation, fellow OFWs in the airport stick together to help Jahida. Some gave her bags and clothes, while others gave her cash. You can also hear in the video where fellow OFWs are encouraging Jahida to eat and not worry about her situation anymore as everyone is helping her.

You can also hear other OFW asking about where Jahida is seated in the airplane and reminds her companion to follow up her from time to time in their flight because they will accompany her to OWWA Manila.

Netizen’s Reaction

Many netizens were touched by fellow Filipinos kind act that all of them wished them goodwill.

This is not the first time that OFWs get together to help fellow OFWs in need. Recently, we wrote about OFWs in Bahrain helping fellow OFWs whose been set-up in Saudi.

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