Mon. Oct 14th, 2019
Molested By Employer And Burned With Flat Iron

OFW In Saudi Molested By Employer And Burned With Flat Iron

An overseas Pinay domestic worker in Saudi Arabia was raped by her employer and burned with a flat iron.

In Hilda’s (not her true name) interview together with the GMA News, she stated how her employer had attacked and molested her. According to Hilda, it was July 19 and she was ironing clothes when her employer attacked her. Added that when she tries to struggle, her employer holds her hand (the one holding the flat iron) instead and attempted to land the flat iron into her face. Hilda then used her arm to shield herself from it, the reason for her to get a burn.

“Yung kamay ko po nakahawak pa rin sa plantsa at pinatungan din niya po ng kamay niya para pagdating sa fingerprint ang kamay ko pa din daw ang naglagay,” Hilda stated.

Also, Hilda stated that her employer repeatedly kicks off her legs to outbalance her and to finally executes his evil plan to her.

After her male employer successfully molested her, Hilda pleads her female employer to help her. Good thing her female employer believe her and took pity with her, she transferred Hilda to her parent’s house.

Meanwhile, with the help of GMA News, the case of Hilda was made known to the Overseas Workers Welfare Office (OWWA. According to OWWA Welfare Officer Benny Reyes, their Quick Response Team is already working on the case and have communicated with Hilda’s employer and asked them to send Hilda to OWWA’s office.

Reyes added that the male employer has called them and deny the allegation against him.

For now, Hilda was still in the care of her female employer’s parents and was not sent back to the OWWA office. However, Quick Response Team and Saudi recruitment agency of Hilda are on the lookout for her.

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