Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

OFW In Saudi Loses Her Mind Because Of The Maltreatment She Received From Her Employers

An OFW in Riyadh, Saudi named Regine Pedegrosa, lost her mind because of how she was maltreated and abused by her employers.

Call for help

A Facebook post by Anthony Enriquez was posted on an OFW group seeking help for our fellow Filipino who was clearly already out of her mind.

In the video that accompanied the post, she was seen as being paranoid and screaming for the person in front of her to stop hurting her.

This is a clear indication that she was indeed maltreated and that she received enough trauma for her to scream that way.

At one point in the video, even when the woman is hugging her, she still is squirming away and screaming for her to stop.

Her mind is clearly still fuzzy and is still recounting the trauma that she has received.

The post

cya po c REGINE PEDREGOSA , na craan n po ng bait at wala na sa srili dahil sa pmbugbog at mltrato ng kanyang amo . #OWWA , #DFA , #POEA specially sa kanyang Agency , GLOBAL CONNECT MANPOWER RESOURCES & DEV . INC , tulungan po ntin cyang mkauwi . nasa ICU cya ngayon sa KING SAUD MEDICAL Riyadh Saudi Arabia . Kindly SHARE pra mabilis ang pag -uwi nya 😰😰 ..

©️ r . aljohani *


The people

The netizens shared her grief. In the comments, they extended their prayers and advices.

Ehner Garcia Gahnipam Mga pinay n nangarap mkatulong sa pamilya upang khit papano makaahon sa khirapan ng buhay,nakakalungkot lng n marami tlgang di sinwerti sa pag aabroad at ganito pa dinanas n hirap!😔😔

Maria Johan Marirold I pray for u… Nkka iyak nman. Dami pilipino nkkaranas ng paghihirap abroad….hrap na nga tayo Pinas sa kagustuhan ntin umangat ganito pa mangyari… Sana making OK ka makauwi ka magamot ka…. Godbless you

Annalyn Landicho Sana gumaling kana agad ate… At mkauwi kna sa pamilya mo… Godbless po.. 😢

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