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OFW in Riyadh Rescued From Employer’s Force Labor Without Pay

On July 3, 2018, a video of an OFW in Riyadh Saudi Arabia had circulated on Facebook and caught the eye of the netizens. Arnel N. Ditua a.k.a Jose Carlos on his Facebook account, made a video of himself asking for Raffy Tulfo’s help.

His Situation

Arnel was forced by his employer to work without pay for six months, even after his contract had ended. According to his video post, whenever he asks for his work salary, his employer gets mad and bad mouths him. His employer didn’t allow him to go home, which was against his contract. He also mentioned that his employer forced him to work alone.

Arnel’s Misery

Trying to fight his tears, Arnel pleaded for Raffy Tulfo and the Philippine Embassy to help him. He was afraid that his situation might get worse and that he might not be able to take it any longer. The video showed the drill truck that he operated. Inside its head was where he stayed.

Photo Credit: Facebook

He devastatingly exposed his kitchen and bathroom, which is outside of the truck. His kitchen wares and toiletries were placed right on the ground. He is using an old filing cabinet for his food storage. He also ran out of food to eat. Arnel thought that his food supply would not last for more than a month. On the video, he also flashed the name of the establishment printed on the truck door. However, he wasn’t able to tell the meaning of the printed name of the establishment because he doesn’t know how to read Arabic.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Arnel stated that he is in Al Kharj, a province in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. He also pleaded for the Embassy and Raffy Tulfo’s immediate assistance.

The Rescue

The video that Arnel had posted on Facebook caught the attention of netizens. It had a total view of 2.8million people and shared 123,000 times. The video had undoubtedly touched the netizens’ heart. Netizens outpoured the comment section with words of encouragement. Some of the commentators offered help, and some tagged Raffy Tulfo’s page.

Arnell Ignacio, OWWA Deputy Executive Director, raised Arnel’s situation to Labor Attache Nasser S. Mustafa. According to Mustafa, not only the Deputy Executive Director had raised concern, but also the Department of Labor and Employment and our very own President Rodrigo Duterte.

Three days after he posted the video, Labor Attache Nasser S. Mustafa with the cooperations of POLO-Riyadh, Community Investigative Support, Guardians (RUBBII, EUGII, etc.) and Filipino Community-KSA initiated a rescue operation on July 6, 2018. Instead of waiting for the rescue workers to arrive, the authorities instructed Arnel to ride a taxi straight to the Philippine Embassy, which made the operation easier. One of the rescue workers mentioned that rescuing Arnel was quite challenging since his location was 2 hours drive from the office and the checkpoints were numerous.

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Arnel is currently staying in Bahay Kalinga while waiting for his flight ticket back to the Philippines. He deleted the video on social media where he was asking for help after the rescue.

ATM: Labor Attaché Nasser S. Mustafa POLO-Riyadh, Commmunity Investigative Support, Guardians (RUGBII, EUGII, etc.) and Filipino Community-KSA rescued OFW-KSA Arnel N. Ditua aka Jose Carlos (FB account) of Davao City…..

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