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OFW in Kuwait Threatened by Agency to Place in a Mental Institution Calls For Help

Viral in social media is the story of another OFW in the Middle East. Shirley is from Tumauini, Cabagan Isabela. Like other mothers who want to provide a better life for their families, she was determined to earn and save for her 2 children. Heartbroken but optimistic to succeed abroad, Shirley left the Philippines four months ago.

Her story

Upon reaching Kuwait, the partner-agency of her local agency here in the country placed her in her first job. According to her statement in the shared video, she stayed 2 months in her first employer. Then, 7 days in the second employer, and 1 month on the third. Shirley didn’t elaborate on the reasons why she left her 2 previous employers. She mentioned that during her stay on the third, her employer took her back to the agency.

Her plea

Shirley tearfully asked the intervention of President Rodrigo Duterte and Tulfo brothers to help her return to her family. She was also confused where she got the bruises in her back and legs. She said that she just woke up in the hospital with pains all over her body. Right now, Shirley couldn’t move her legs.

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Her Fears

She said that her agency threatened to turn her over to a mental institution as soon as she recovers. Shirley pleaded that she was not insane. Her medical results in the Philippines and Kuwait attested to her mental stability. She was in the hospital for almost a month now. Other OFWs are giving her money while recuperating but she is afraid that her agency would push through with its plan to place her in a mental hospital.

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Netizen’s Sympathy

This video has more than 6.5K shares, 176K views, 1.4K reactions, and still counting. Comments flooded, too, for this mother who wants to survive for her 2 kids.

User Jean – “Bakit cya nagkaganyan, God save her, please tulungan mo nman sarili mo Na makalakad ka para nalang SA mga anak mo,lakasan mo loob mo.”

User Charlene – “Ingat Ka ate.at pagaling Ka Ng mabuti nakakadurog nmn Ng puso at nkakaiyak Sana tumigil na ang mga taong masasama n gumawa Ng ganyan KC naghahanap buhay cla PRA SA pamilya at Hindi gawin baboy ang mga ofw.”

User Roberto – “Huh another victim, how many more filipina Dh are there as victims? IACT/DFa/DOJ/NBI what are you doing? How many more of our kababayan will suffer the same fate? Hey wake up….”

User Sharina – “Good evening po. Anak po ako ni mayor Bautista. Nakausap na po ni daddy yung tatay ng kapatid nating ofw. Inaasikaso na po ang paguwi niya. Maraming salamat po.”

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God always put human angels to help the needy. In words and in deeds, you can also be one of them, and help Shirley come home to be with her family.

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