Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020
OFW Imprisoned By Employer

OFW Imprisoned By Employer: No Food, No Proper Hygiene

A Pinay domestic worker held by employer inside her room with no food and no proper hygiene.

Despite the fact where OFW- domestic workers abuse are still rampant especially, in the Middle East, many Filipinos are still willing to grab that chance to work abroad, to provide a better life to their family, hoping to find a good employer. But despite their good intentions, hope, and determination, there are still unfortunate ones who fall in the hand of a bad employer instead. The same with this Pinay domestic worker.

Jerchel Requinala, posted in OFW “Problema mo sagot ko”saan ka man sulok ng mundo (ACTION AGAD) Facebook group hoping to find help for her OFW ate, Maricel Baliwan Calibay.

According to her, Maricel was being imprisoned by her employer in her room with no food. If there’s food, it’s only a piece of bread and nothing else. Jerchel added that the employer doesn’t also provide daily needs like soap, shampoo, sanitary napkin, etc. for Maricel. The reason for Maricel to develop rushes on her body.

OFW Imprisoned By Employer

Other than that, Maricel has been working in the household of her employer for three months, but only received a month of salary once. Her cell phone is also forcibly confiscated.

Through sharing her post, Jerchel hopes to get help for her sister to be rescued from the hands of her employer.

OFW Imprisoned By Employer

The employer’s name is Madinah Alazizi, the address is District Imam Muslim Street. On the other hand, the name of her agency in Manila is Mayon International Trading Corporation.

Sya po si Maricel Baliwan Calibay need nya po ng tulong dhil kinukulong cya ng amo nya sa kwarto wlang pagkain.kung my…

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