Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

OFW Gustong Umuwi Matapos Mahuli Ng Amo Na NagtiTikTok Na Naka Shorts Lang

With the Covid19 not allowing almost everyone to go out, TikTok has been a way of everyone to fight off boredom. And though not all like to use TikTok, many users have found happiness using this app.

Why almost everyone loves TikTok?

People love using this app simply because everyone is allowed to showcase their creativeness as much as they can. You can dance, do drama, comedy, lipsync, video transition, and many more. Plus, you can do a duet with the video that you like. So it’s no wonder if almost everyone is addicted to it, including our Overseas Filipino Workers.

We know how boring or lonely it is to work abroad. Our kababayans do their best to divert their attention to something funny just to fight off homesickness. And with the covid19 threat, we can only imagine their stress, their worry not only for themselves but for their family. So looking for something to divert their focus is the perfect thing to do and TikTok is the best diversion nowadays.

Used wrong

However, no matter how enjoyable TikTok is, let us all not forget, especially, if you’re working in another country, the rules and traditions of your host country.

You cannot wear daring clothes, dance a sexy dance while you’re in a Muslim country, and in this case, Saudi Arabia. The same with what a Pinay DH has done.

Unfortunately, this Pinay DH forgot where she is and do TikTok wearing only short in her employer’s kitchen in which she was caught by her employer. And now, this Pinay worker is asking for help to be repatriated because of that.

This may serve as a lesson to every Pinay domestic workers. Do not go overboard especially if you are blessed with kind and understanding employers. Do not forget to respect their beliefs.

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