Mon. Feb 17th, 2020
ofw oman

OFW from Oman Used the Ceiling Fan to End Life

An OFW from Oman accordingly live streamed how she ended her life.
It is unclear what’s the reason behind why she did it but one of her friend posted a picture of her and the OFW which she said that the victim usually looks very serious whenever she is on her phone.

You can see in the 4 minute video how it all happened, and at one point it looked like she was trying to reach for the platform so she could probably remove the tension from her neck.

Please, mga kababayan, hindi po dahilan ang pagkitil sa sariling buhay sa kahit anumang problema. Bukas po ang OFW update kung kailangan nyo po ng kausap at kung kailangan nyo po ng payo ay pwede po kaming tumulong para magabayan kayo para makausap ang mga nararapat na tao na pwedeng makapagbigay ng tamang payo at marahil na din, solusyon.

OFW in oman

May your soul find peace, kabayan.

Makikiusap na din po ako sa ating mga kababayan na kung maaari po ay huwag na po nating ishare ang video ni kabayan. Masakit na po ang mawalan ng mahal sa buhay at mas masakit po na makita ng mga mahal nya sa buhay ng paulit ulit kung papano nagwakas ang kanyang buhay.

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