Sat. May 30th, 2020

OFW For Ten Years, Went Home Sick For Ten Years

Oliver Pairat, a daughter of a former OFW is asking help for his sick mother.

According to Oliver, his mother was an OFW for ten years, and it is only at this time that they’ve been together. However, his mother went home very sick.

“Ako po si Oliver Pairat, anak po ako ng isang OFW na may sakit ngayon. Sampung taon po sya sa abroad ngayon lang po namin sya ulit nakapiling at sa kasamaang palad may sakit po siyang umuwi.”

In need of immediate operation

His mother was diagnosed with a Gastric Adenocarcinoma Diffuse and in need of an immediate operation. Oliver said that they already went to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration OWWA, but was told to wait. And that they will provide 10,000 pesos cash assistance.

However, Oliver along with their family, feel uncertain in waiting for OWWA’s promised assistance as his mother’s situation is getting worst that she needs to undergo an operation as soon as possible. And added that his mother can’t manage to take foods anymore, not even a drink.

Oliver is taking chances to ask help from Raffy Tulfo and ask everyone to help his post reach him. He believes that if they can receive immediate help from Raffy, and her mother will undergo operation now, there’s a big chance that she will survive.

“Sa lahat po ng kaibigan kilala ng aking nanay na si Marilou Pax Pairat tulungan nyo po ako na mapaabot kay sir idol Raffy ang post na ito. Nag mamakaawa po ako na tulungan nyo po kami. Alam kong alam nating lahat na malaki ang chance na madugtungan pa ang buhay ng nanay ko kung matutulungan ni sir Raffy ang kalagayan nya ngayon😭😭 kaylangan ng nanay kong maoperahan maawa kayo saamin tulungan nyo po,” pleads Oliver.


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