Mon. Oct 14th, 2019
Help During Her Contract Renewal

OFW Finds A Chance To Seek Help During Her Contract Renewal

It is given that of all OFWs in different countries domestic workers are mostly victims of abuse. Reasons are they live together with their employer. So we can only hope and pray that they fall into the hands of a good employer. It is also one of the many reasons why seeking help is very difficult for them, because they’re not allowed to go out in the house without their employer’s consent. But one OFW finds a chance to seek immediate help when her employer is about to renew her contract.

One time chance

Seeking help in a foreign land is not that easy. Distress OFWs need to wait as different bodies of Philippine government agencies must coordinate first before they can deploy personnel to rescue them. However, one OFW finds the perfect chance to seek help and not wait when she goes with her employer to renew her contract.

Help During Her Contract Renewal

Immediately reported her employer

OFW immediately reports her employer to OWWA Welfare Officer Yolanda Penaranda. According to the OFW, her employer did not let her go home in the Philippines, and the salary is only 1,200 SAR for four years. Other than that she also reported that she had not received her salary since January this year. What’s more shocking is her employer has a 7,800 SAR debt from her.

Admitted the mistake

The employer can’t do anything but agree when the OFW decided to not go with him again. Moreover, he also admitted all of the OFWs accusations to him. He is now required to pay a total of 27,800 SAR to the OFW.

With the help of POLO-OWWA in Jeddah lead with Labat Nasser Munder, Welfare Officer Yolly Penaranda, and Philippine Consulate, the employer is now safe and will not go with her employer anymore.

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