Tue. May 11th, 2021
Jewelry Business

OFW Find Success In Jewelry Business

Most of the time, Overseas Filipino Workers may choose to invest in real estate or property. But OFW Inday Ylusan favored stepping into another kind of investment – jewelry. 

According to the OFW, she’s been an OFW for years, and yet she didn’t have an investment because her salary went to her family in the Philippines.

Jewelry Business

But it was only this November that Ylusan bought jewelry even though she didn’t have any interest in it.

“Bili uli kada sweldo. Para maubos man pera, may alahas pa na maisasanla sa Pinas pag nagipit. Kada sweldo bibili ako dalawa na. 21 karat khit maliit lang basta meron akong nakita sa pinaghirapan ko,” says Ylusan.

I bought it after receiving my salary if my finances dwindle I could just pawn it in the Philippines in case of a financial crisis. Every time I have my salary I bought two 21 carat jewelry, even if it is small, an investment for the future, says Ylusan.

Ylusan is a single mother of her 7-year-old child in the Philippines. She is now 46 years of age and has worked abroad since 2005. She admitted that her salary has been spent on the needs of her family in the Philippines. 

Jewelry Business

Even before she had her son, Ylusan said that she had helped her siblings’ children in their upbringing. She thinks that her family’s success is her success, too.

But when the time came and she had a child of her own, she felt that she wanted to spend something for her child’s sake. 

Ylusan considers herself lucky because, for the last four years, her employers have remained good to her. Her ultimate enemy, however, is homelessness. When she feels it, she’s just focusing her attention on her work.

“Huwag basta sumoko, tibayan ang loob, tapusin ang kontrata at isipin ang pamilya. I-enjoy ang buhay OFW. Manalig sa taas lagi manalangin dahil yan lang sandata natin si God lang makakatulong sa atin kapag nag-iisa tyo,” says Yluson.

Don’t give up, strengthen yourself, finish the contract, and think about your family. Enjoy the OFW life. Have faith in God because our faith is the weapon for loneliness, says Yluson.

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