Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Miguel Plangca together with four of his children. Photocredite:/dailymailUK

OFW Father Dies of COVID19, Left 5 Children Orphaned

Five children have been devastatingly left orphaned after their OFW father died of COVID-19, six years after their mother’s death due to cancer.  

Miguel Plangca a long-time resident of Allenwood North in Kildare, Ireland, who’s originally from Ozamis City, Philippines died after a long battle against COVID19. Miguel battle against the disease in the intensive care unit for 41 days. 

His death caused his 5 children, Stephanie, Mikee, Michael, John and Chekie to be orphaned after losing their mother, Gliceria, six years ago to cancer.

I a heartbreaking eulogy of Plangca’s teenage daughter Mikee on Facebook, she wrote, 

“You fought a good fight papa. Thank you for everything. We will miss you. We love you!”

She also extends her thanks to well-wishers for raising money to support them. 

“The love and support that we’ve been receiving is unbelievable. 

THANK YOU to the 2 person who helped us set up the GoFundMe page and for the continuous support from everyone. God bless us all.”

Well-wishers who read their story have raised over £13,000 or over 700,000PHP in just four days to give support to the children, who are now in their auntie Fely Moore’s care. 

Miguel Plangca’s children together with their aunt Fely. Photocredit/ dailymailUK

Miguel Plangca worked on the packaging line at the Bird’s Wye factory in the town of Naas for nearly 20 years and would regularly send money to his extended family in the Philippines. 

The Philippine Consulate in Dublin paid tribute to Miguel saying that he is a very giving man and will no doubt be missed. 

“Miguel was a quiet but very giving man who was well-loved and will be deeply missed.”

The children have a Go Fund Me account urging people for help, it says:

‘Please continue to pray for them and all those who are affected by the pandemic!’  

To donate to the family, visit 

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