Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

OFW Encourages Everyone to not Give-up On Their Dreams

We’ve heard all manner of horror stories that Filipinos have experienced working abroad. Given the growing number of violations against our OFWs, there are still many aspiring to be one. Nevertheless, in the Philippines, they consider this the only way to meet their family’s financial needs.

Another inspiring story of an Overseas Filipino Worker in Kuwait is here.

Lhorie is a solo parent. In Kuwait she serves as a domestic helper. Lhorie went through a lot of hardship and suffering first before achieving what she has today. 

Her grandmother has looked after her after her father passed away, according to Lhorie. She was only 1 year old at the time. Her mother, later married, took her older sister with her. Lhorie was feeling jealous but left with no options.

Lhorie’s life has since been a living nightmare.

“Nag aral aq [ako] lola qlng [ko lang] ng alga [alaga] sakin pero lagi niya aq iniwan.iniwanan ng bigas sabon pero alawans minsan wala,kya ng tiis aq [ako] lakas [lakad] araw araw punta school minsan walang almusal pasok parin.dahil isa aqng [akong] scholarship student,” said Lhorie.

She’d dreamed of going to Dubai since she was a kid. Despite all the hardships in life the dream motivated her to pursue her studies. 

She goes out to work during summer holidays. She became a maid of the house. She used its profits to support her studies. Lhorie did other jobs to raise money, as well.

“Minsan pg wala aqng baon ngharvest aq ng mais bayad noon isang sako is 8 pesos sobrang init pa mgkasugat sugat kpa.nglilinis aq sa bahay ng mga tao para my alawans aq,” Lhorie said.

Unfortunately, when she started high school in 3rd year, her peers had inspired Lhorie to try various vices, leading her to leave studying.

Lhorie then went to Manila to work as a housemaid in a Chinese family. “Sumama aq with my bestfrend pgdating manila work ko kasambahay Chinese amo q.then super sama ng ugali..dat time is year 2007 at I’m 17 years old,” she said. “dq [di ko] tinapos 2years contact q sa amo q tumakas aq.then lipat sa new amo puro pangit ugli puro Chinese.”

She met her husband during the darkest moments of her life, and they agreed to live together at the same home. She continued to work in various establishments.

“Ng work parin aq nging sales lady sa quiapo sa mga cp/laptop accessories.bakery naging maraming aqng karanasan ng trabaho since nakasama q siya,” Lhorie said.

She became pregnant last December 2010. Their partnership sadly did not go on smoothly. They struggled all the time. Her live-in partner has no job so she has been her family’s breadwinner. 

At last, they split up in 2014. 

Lhorie wanted to care for her child abroad. She had applied to numerous agencies.

September 9, 2016 On their way to Kuwait. She was eventually hired as a domestic helper, after 3 weeks of waiting. 

Lhorie hopes her family will have a lot to buy. Despite the tension and homesickness which she experiences every day, she strives really hard. 

Lhorie is only one of the many heroes of modern times. Overseas Filipino Workers in the Philippines aspire to raise money for their families. Her life-story is an inspirational tale of hard work , perseverance and bravery to face all of life’s challenges.


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