Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

OFW Dishwasher Now A Successful Pizza Place Owner in ItalyPlace

Marvin Aguda left home for Italy in 1999 and became an overseas Filipino worker to support his family. 

The same with other OFW’s, Marvin tried all the decent jobs he found, caregiver, cleaner, waiter, etc. 

It was in 2002 that Marvin found a job (that he never knew will change his life for the better) at Il Postino. Marvin worked as a dishwasher at the said place. His job includes cleaning the tables, toilets, throwing the garbage, and washing plates and glasses. 

Ako, nagsimula din ako sa pinakamababang posisyon dito sa Italya. Nagtrabaho din ako sa bahay, nagsimula din na ako ang naghuhugas ng pinggan, ako ang naglilinis dito ng banyo, ng lahat.

Work smart not hard

While working as a dishwasher, Marvin observed how one of the owners prepare different kinds of pizza and learn from it- From kneading the though to garnishing various toppings. 

Dream Big

When one of the owners died and the female boss decided to sell the pizza place, Marvin steps up and offers to buy the place via a loan from the bank. In which the female boss agreed since she doesn’t want strangers to own the place. 

Kailangan lang talaga dream big, kailangan mataas ang iyong pangarap sa buhay hindi yun laging hanggang doon na lang, hindi ko kaya yan, hindi pwedeng ganoon.

After two years, Marvin pays off his loans and formally became the owner and the chef of the pizza place. He did not change the restaurant’s name but mixed the menu with Filipino-made pizza instead. 

Aguda’s menu includes dishes combined with a Filipino-style spaghetti and pizza. One of his best-sellers is his own version of Sisig Lechon Pizza, a combination of crunchy pork Lechon and Margherita pizza.

In the interview, Marvin said that here’s no overnight success but hard work combined with consistency helps you achieve your dreams. 

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