Tue. May 21st, 2019
Foul Play

OFW Dies After Jumping Off A Moving Car, Family Claims A Foul Play

On March 20, 2019, an OFW in Australia was reportedly died by jumping off a running train but the family believed otherwise.

Like any other OFW, 21 years old, Jerwin Royopa, an Agriculture Graduate choose to gamble abroad to find a greener pasture. He left Kalasyaw Pangasinan and went to Australia to pursue his dream. But, events don’t go as he hopes.

Months after he arrived in Australia, Jerwin talked with her older sister about his situation in the country. Jerwin mentioned in their conversation that he’s in a difficult situation. In addition, he also said that his employer confiscated his important documents, such as his passport.

ofw private message
ofw private message

Due to this reason, Jerwin decided to go home. He is supposedly scheduled to fly back in the Philippines last March 30, 2019. But it didn’t happen.

Accident or murder?

Days before his scheduled flight, his family received a call informing them that Jerwin is involved in an accident and in a critical condition. They also added that Jerwin suffered internal bleeding in his head, chest, and abdomen.

But a day after, Jerwin’s family received a call again, this time telling them that Jerwin jumped off a moving car, somewhat suggesting that it is a suicide.

The family refused to believe it

Jerwin’s family refused the reason for his death. They said that Jerwin won’t dare to take his own life. Also, the family believes that it’s impossible since Jerwin is already scheduled to fly back here in the Philippines. They believe that there’s a foul play happened.

ofw private message

The family is asking for the Philippine Embassy to do a further investigation with happened to Jerwin in Australia. That if possible they will help them to send one of their siblings in Australia so that they’ll have someone to process the case there.

Source: GMA News

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