Tue. Dec 11th, 2018
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OFW Did An Unexplainable Hand Gestures During Islamic Prayer; Caused Of Exorcism Or Stress?

Saudi Arabia is an Arabic country and is known for their strict rule in following their beliefs. In fact, everyone be it big companies or small companies are required to abide by this law. It is a common practice for them to stop what business they’re into during prayer hours.

So it is normal for someone who’s not Islam like Overseas Filipino workers to adapt to this kind of practice.

OFW’s reaction to Islamic prayer

On November 1, 2018, Hachiku Jamella posted on her Facebook timeline where she’s doing an unexplainable reaction during Islamic prayer.

In the video, Jamella asked her employer to ask anyone who can interpret her hand gestures because they too can’t understand it. She commented that she’s not joking and that she just woke up like that. She can’t even control herself.

Her dream

In addition, she said that she dreamt of talking to someone where she’s told to spread the message. However, the problem with this is no one understands it, even Jamella herself.

One netizen asked her if someone made her drink something. Jamella replied no and said that she woke up finding herself lying on the floor, crying, and can’t stop herself from doing hand gestures.

Exorcism or stress?

In one of the comment section, Jamella said that she was exorcized by a Muslim spirit.

But she also said that it was due to stress.

Netizens different reaction

Many Facebook netizens show their worry to Jamella. And most of them advised her to go home immediately while she still can.

How about you? Can you interpret her hand gesture? Do you believe that she’s being exorcized by a Muslim spirit or is it just stress?

She is doing this reaction whats the meaning pleas help pas

Hachiku Jamellaさんの投稿 2018年11月1日木曜日

Latest update

Jamella is now fine and is already with her family in the Philippines. Thank God she had a kind employer who tries to understand her. And took good care of her during this tough time.

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