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OFW Desperately Asks For Help, Said Employer Will Send Her To Jail

Another Overseas Filipino worker is desperately in need of immediate rescue. 

In the video posted by the Filipina herself, Ysabelle Lawa, she desperately asks for help to be rescued from the hands of her employer. According to OFW, her employer plans to call the police to arrest her. But, she manages to refuse it and said to her employer to call the police by the morning as it is evening when the incident happened. The OFW is afraid that her employer might use the opportunity to salvage her instead of sending her directly to the police. 

Ysabelle Lawa,

Refuses to process her documents

It seems like the OFW quarreled with her employer because she refused to follow his instructions. The OFW did not detail it completely, but she mentioned that her employer wanted her to pay 10,000 SR or 130,000 Pesos and wanted her to process her passport and Iqama using her own money in which the OFW strongly disagreed. She bravely told her employer that she won’t do what he said and told him to return her to the agency even if he won’t pay her salary. 

“Sinabihan ko na sila.hindi..hindi..hindi ko ibabalik yung pera nyo..isauli nyo ako..kahit di nyo ibigay yung sahod ko..kahit di nyo ibigay yung perang hiniram nyo..isauli nyo ako doon sa agency,” the OFW told her employer. 

However, the employer refused and threatens her to call the police. Moreover, the OFW condemned her agency for not taking action immediately, said that it’s been two days since she asked for their help and she had not received any news from them. 

“Ang bagal nyo naman..nung isang araw pa ako..grabe naman kayo..patatahimikin ba kayo ng konsensya nyo pag may isang pinay na mag ano na hindi nya kasalanan? Inabuso pa..pinatay pa,” cries the OFW. 

Watch the video below:


help kung cno man nkakakilala sknya .pkitulongan xa :(eto po fb nya

Posted by Time News Information on Sunday, October 20, 2019

Update: About 2 weeks ago, she posted a live video on the plane which will be flying going to the Philippines. She is now safe in the Philippines

Posted by Ysabelle Lawa on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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