Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

OFW Confined In Farwaniya Hospital, Kuwait

Being an Overseas Filipino Worker is really not an easy situation and will never be easy. This is especially to domestic workers who don’t only need to adjust to the new culture and traditions but also have to endure household tasks and many times endure ill-mannered employers.

In addition to that, one of the worst situations an OFW be into while working abroad is being sent in the hospital. Whether the reason for hospitalization is they get sick or abused by the employer, being a patient is the worst situation for OFWs. And in this case, one OFW has fallen to this situation.

In a video uploaded by a concerned netizen, an OFW lies in bed while another fellow OFW is feeding her. It was not mentioned what happened to the OFW why she’s in the hospital but you can hear them telling the OFW to not mind her employer anymore.

“Wag mo ng alalahanin employer mo. Pabayaan mo na sila,” said the voices in the video.

You can also hear the other OFW, the one who’s feeding the OFW patient, telling the latter that she should not have hesitated and called them when she needs help.

“Sana tinawag mo kami agad kung nangangailangan ka ng tulong. Kung da ka pa namin narinig umiiyak, di namin malalaman na gustom ka na pala,” said one of the concerned OFW.

You can also hear them saying how hard it is to be hospitalized abroad with no one to turn to.

“Ang hirap pala pag naospital ka dito ano..walang tutulong sayo.”

They bought foods for the hospitalized OFW and patiently feed her. The OFW is confined to Farwaniya Hospital, Kuwait.

The hospitalized OFW did mention her name but it can’t be heard clearly. She’s from Zamboanga City. It was also mentioned that the OFW is having a hard time talking, she also can’t move her other leg freely.

Watch the video below:

#OFW sa Kuwait naka confined sa FARWANIYA HOSPITAL at di mka usap ng maayus.#Taga Zamboanga po cya at sana makarating sa kanyang pamilya ng makauwe na xa sa Pinas.#pagalingKaPoKabayan 🙏🙏#Pls share pra mkarating sa kanyang pamilya sa Zamboanga.#ctto

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