Tue. Jul 14th, 2020
Aim Global A Scam

OFW Claims Aim Global A Scam Caused An Uproar On Facebook

Recently, a video of Jocelyn Solitana, an OFW in Egypt, who strongly claims that Aim Global is a scam, caused an uproar on Facebook.

The video immediately became viral that in just 24 hours of uploading it, it went straight to million views.

Open-mind, close-minded

In the first part of Jocelyn’s video, she reiterates the difference between an open-minded and a close-minded person. She demonstrates what will happen if you invest your money in Aim Global. And why you shouldn’t waste your money for it.

In her point of view, why would she bother to invest her money in Aim Global and work hard to recruit people, when she can just save her money and double it the next time.

Aim Global is a scam

Jocelyn strongly claims that Aim Global is no other than a scam. She angrily asked if it’s really a real business, then why would it aim poor people? If Aim Global wants a business partner why won’t it go directly to
Lucio Tan, Henry Si? Go to Russia, Germany or British country? Why would it aim OFWs, domestic helpers when these people are no businesswomen?

Her message to her fellow OFW

As an OFW herself, Jocelyn know first-hand how hard it is to be away from the family. That’s why she’s angry with Aim Global because for her it was hard enough earning money abroad and being away from your loved ones. But, OFWs endure it all for their family so why would Aim Global fools them and promise millions that never comes.

In the end, she reminded her fellow OFW to be mindful of their money and to not let anyone scam them. Said, it’s okay to spend all their money on their family but never to these opportunist people.

How about you? Do you agree with her?

Watch the full video below:

Good afternoon Mahal Kong ofw, god bless us,,at ingat SA mangdurugas na mga networking,Lalo na aimglobal scammer wordwide,,, powerrrrrrr,,

Jocelyn Solitanaさんの投稿 2018年10月8日月曜日

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